Hey,this photo is © Harnam Singh


Harnam Singh is a freelance nature and lifestyle photographer based in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. Growing up in proximity to nature, landscapes, wildlife, and the open sky, of North India, were his first subjects as he discovered the artist in himself.
Harnam specializes in landscape, wildlife, and lifestyle photography and he believes that art is an evolving process and constantly experiments with various styles. Harnam finds himself constantly inspired by the mystery and uniqueness of the human face and the eyes that can tell a story like no other.
Second to only his passion for the lens, is travel. He dreams of covering shoots across the country including the cold mountains of Ladakh, the vast shorelines of Mumbai, the white beaches of Kerala and the deep forests of Assam. Every culture and land brings a new angle to photography and this is something he desires to always capture in his camera. For Harnam, his work is his passion and he spends free time exploring new locations to shoot and studying his equipment. Through his art, he aims to present to the world the lesser known and picturesque villages of Himachal Pradesh. He thus hopes to help many deserving villagers benefit from photography tourism. Family bonds are important and he values time spent with loved ones.
Harnam believes that no dream is too big if the heart is willing and he constantly strives to raise the bar higher and push the boundaries of photography as an art.
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